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Google Cloud functions

In this blog we take a look at Google Cloud functions. Google Cloud functions is a Serverless platform for building event driven logic that is small in execution time (don’t use it for running long running processing jobs), Cloud functions are Google’s equivalent Serverless offering compared to AWS Lambda and Azure functions. Key features Cloud…

Azure DevOps and Chechov

In this post we demonstrate how to use the open source security and compliance tool called Checkov with Azure DevOps to verify your Azure infrastructure is secure. Introducing Checkov Checkov is a great tool for engineering teams to harness as part of their Cloud environment deployments. https://www.checkov.io/ Checkov currently supports scanning the following scanning capabilities:…

Azure container apps

Another container service? Recently Microsoft released a new container service called Azure container apps. Those familiar with Azure should know that the platform already supports containers in numerous forms. AKS Pros Need full orchestration of containers then use AKS and managed service. Provides full Kubernetes feature set, integrated into Azure control plane services such as…

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