About me

Hello! I am Romeel, I have been working in IT since 2000. From my humble beginnings as a graduate analyst developer, a majority of my career i have been writing application software (early days of C, C++ moving into C#)

Throughout the years I have transitioned through numerous roles such as Technical lead, Lead developer of a team of .NET developers to my current role as Principal Cloud Consultant. I have had the pleasure of working with cross functional teams in numerous industries such as publishing, finance and travel and only two years ago on a major Azure project for the pharmaceutical industry.

My more recent experience has led me into what i term Consulting architecture. This merges cloud consulting with traditional solution architecture. I engage with C-suite helping them with Cloud strategy and roadmaps as well as complex projects involving cross functional teams (solution architects, developers, security teams, and traditional infrastructure engineers) assisting them with design, architecture and hands on engineering of Cloud solutions covering areas such as infrastructure design, security & governance, DevOps, SecOps, and app modernisation.

Join me on my journey into the realm of Cloud native software and infrastructure.

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