Google Cloud first impressions

I have been working on GCP for the last five months. In this blog post I share what I have learned and observations. Global network Compared to some other public clouds, GCP has a global fibre backed network. As a result of this the GCP VPC (virtual private cloud) is a global resource that spansContinue reading “Google Cloud first impressions”

Intro to DAPR part1

What is DAPR? DAPR stands for distributed application runtime. It is an open source project started by Microsoft. As of November 2021 it is officially endorsed by the CNCF as an incubator project What can you use it for? DAPR is essentially a set of APIs, built on a concept of building blocks forContinue reading “Intro to DAPR part1”

Finally, Start and Stop AKS

This feature request has been around a year or so. In AKS you pay for the worker nodes, but for dev test it would be good if you could start and stop the cluster. Those ephemeral environments are costing you!! Finally we have a preview feature that allows you to do this. Enabling theContinue reading “Finally, Start and Stop AKS”

Compliance via Code

Cloud Governance with Cloud Custodian – Part 1 Before talking about Cloud Custodian i would like to mention Azure policies. Azure policy is the out of the box policy engine that Microsoft provide as part of your Azure subscription. It uses a declarative syntax using JSON to define policies (security, audits and others) governing andContinue reading “Compliance via Code”

The Cloud native landscape

Over the last couple of years the Cloud native bandwagon has been gaining traction. Public cloud providers are becoming a key cornerstone in organisations strategy to disrupt, innovate and surface products and services to end consumers in ways they could never think of during the days of static infrastructure in traditional data centres. The aboveContinue reading “The Cloud native landscape”